Corporate Sports Club™

Creating high performance work teams through sporting principles

There is no difference between a professional sports team and a corporate team; you are just playing a different game.

In 3 easy steps we help you create high performance teams across all levels of your organisation.


Step 1

Create a Corporate Sports Team

Create a Corporate Sports Team

Learn how proven and tested sporting club and team principles can be applied to your workplace to create high performance teams during Pre-Season Training.

We turn managers into professional coaches and staff into professional team players, emulating a successful sporting team.

Professional sports teams have:

  • Common commitment and purpose
  • Performance goals
  • Complementary skills
  • Mutual accountability

Your teams should have the same.

Can your team benefit?

Step 2

Play the Corporate Sports Club Game

Play the Corporate Sports Club Game™

We change the way you play your game, by applying what you’ve learnt during Pre-Season Training and focusing on the goal that matters the most to your business.

Our approach is based on the success of the team, not individual players, just as it is in team sport.

A team needs to perform consistently to win matches throughout the season to ultimately win the competition.
A team is measured on the result of the scoreboard and not how many goals one player scored. There is no point in having a star salesperson if overall, the team fails to meet monthly team targets.

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Step 3

The Corporate Sports Club

Compete in the Corporate Champions League™

Test your team’s abilities by competing in the Corporate Champions League™, a competition to recognise the best performing teams in the corporate world.

You will compete against other departments, branches and businesses all playing the Corporate Sports Club™ Game for monthly and annual prizes.

Combining the popularity of professional team sport with the thrill of competition will ensure your corporate team has fun while they work to achieve their goals and improve your bottom line.

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Did you know that 60% of Australian workers are doing just enough not to get sacked*?

Chances are, these are your employees. Together, let’s create some excitement at your workplace to elicit change.

*Source: Gallup, Inc’s State of the Global Workplace