Sporting team behaviours

We stimulate people’s sporting mind-set to create high performance teams.

We are visually bringing businesses, teams and individuals onto the football field, to show you how you can make immediate and long-term improvements by putting your sporting mind-set into practice and thereby creating high performance businesses and teams.

Behavioural change is divided into 5 key areas

  1. Pre-contemplative/unaware
    • Not interested in change
    • Can’t see a need for change
    • Not aware the business could be better off
    • Don’t really care

This is the stage of resistance to change, in denial and totally unmotivated for change. YOU BELIEVE YOUR TEAMS CAN’T PERFORM ANY BETTER!

  1. Contemplative
    • Start thinking about issues and possible needs to change
    • Recognise that there are problems

This is the stage where the mind-set starts kicking in! We can do better and we need change. YOU RECOGNISE THAT YOUR TEAMS CAN PERFORM AT A HIGHER LEVEL!

  1. Preparing
    • Preparing for change
    • Making plans for change
    • Information gathering

This is the stage where you have made a commitment for change. You start planning the whole change process. YOU ARE NOW PLANNING FOR A HIGH PERFORMANCE SALES CULTURE!

  1. Action/trying
    • Change plan is being activated
    • Adopting to change

This stage is the will-power stage where you change the status quo to a new improved environment. YOU ARE IMPLEMENTING THE CHANGES AND YOU MOVE TOWARDS HIGH PERFORMANCE!

  1. Maintaining
    • Working to consolidate changes
    • Enforcing that formers behaviours are no longer desirable

This stage is where your teams are working to new status quo and are maintaining the new status quo. YOU ARE NOW PERFORMING AT A HIGHER LEVEL!


A great coach

sees your strengths and builds on them, moving you into positions to ensure both you and the team are highly successful.

Nothing makes a person feel better about work than having the ability to be highly successful.