Frequently Asked Questions

Who should introduce proven and tested sporting sporting principles and methodologies?
Everyone who wants to:

  • Improve their organisation
  • Improve their team’s performance
  • Learn what it takes to create a successful team
  • Learn coaching skills
  • Create a fun and competitive team environment
Business improvement and cultural change programs?
Business improvement and cultural change program for managers and staff, focusing on people and based on the philosophies used by successful sporting teams and clubs. It’s all about team results. It doesn’t matter how many goals one player scores; if your team lets in more goals, your team still loses. You will achieve business and cultural change through the implementation of proven and tested professional sports club and team principles. Over the last 30 years we have seen a number of global business improvements being introduced and implemented in many businesses and organisations across the world. The major improvement programs have been:

  • Just in time
  • Total Quality Management
  • Six Sigma
  • Lean

All of these programs have been focussed on process improvements. It has been 10 years since the last major business improvement program was introduced. Whilst the business improvement programs of the past have improved business, they have failed to address what makes or breaks a business or organisation, being the staff. It doesn’t matter how good the processes are if the staff don’t follow them or if they are not motivated.

What is the difference between a professional sports team and my department?
There is really no difference. You are just playing a different game. Professional sports teams have:

  • Common commitment and purpose
  • Performance goals
  • Complementary skills
  • Mutual accountability

Your teams should have the same.

What industries do you cover?
Sporting principles are universal and as such, can be applied to any industry, department or branch. Programs will be customised to meet the needs of all participants, covering for example, goals and internal policies and procedures.
What sporting codes do you cover?
We utilise the principles from all popular team sports such as Rugby League, Rugby Union, AFL, Football (soccer), Cricket, Netball and Basketball.
Can my staff and I relate to sporting principles and methodologies?
Most people can relate to one or more sporting codes:

  • They have played or are still playing sport
  • They watch sport live or on television or devices
  • They follow their favourite sporting teams as a fan or a member
How do you do it?
We use a combination of:

  • Needs analysis
  • Developing your game plan (your key goal)
  • Tools
  • Exercises
  • Surveys
  • Feedback forms
  • Ongoing consultation
What is a sporting mind-set?
This is where you learn our principles and how they apply to your work place.
What subjects do you cover?
Our range covers over 60 subjects from professional sports clubs and teams which will be selected to best suit your organisation. Our subjects are divided into 6 core areas:

  1. The Professional Sports Club
  2. The Professional Sports Team
  3. Pre-Season Training
  4. Preparing for the Game
  5. Playing the Game
  6. Post-Match Review
What outcomes can I expect?

Creating Corporate Sports Teams and playing the Corporate Sports Club™ Game will develop:

  • Greater productivity
  • Greater staff engagement
  • Happier workforce
  • More results-focused workforce
  • Improved business/organisation
  • Greater team spirit
  • Improved staff retention
  • Less stressed staff
  • Increased number of brand ambassadors
  • Improved bottom line
  • Opportunity to become an Employer of Choice and attract the best staff
  • Better managers
    • More results focused
    • Greater responsibility for performance
  • Culture that is more results focussed (scoreboard and ladder)
  • Training program to which staff can relate
  • Staff who have a greater understanding of other team members and of their actions
  • Greater understanding of roles and responsibilities
  • Improved staff attitude and motivation
  • Greater understanding of customer and supplier perception of your business which will lead to:
    • Opportunities to create more business with existing customers
    • Opportunities to work more closely with suppliers
  • Full understanding of customer knowledge of your business and what products and services provided
  • Understanding of how and why the principles from a top professional sports club and team should be used in everyone’s daily life, whether this is at work or at home.
How do I know if I’m receiving a positive return?
Return on investment will be monitored monthly to ensure that you are achieving a positive return.

A great coach

sees your strengths and builds on them, moving you into positions to ensure both you and the team are highly successful.

Nothing makes a person feel better about work than having the ability to be highly successful.