Why team sport is a winner for your organisation

Did you know that in Australian organisations:

  • Only 24% of staff are contributing towards bottom line
  • 60% of employees are not engaged. These people are doing just enough not to get sacked
  • 16% of employees are actively disengaged and should be sacked as they are deducting from your bottom line
  • Only 19% of workers in leadership roles (managers, executives and officials) are actively engaged. These are the people who play the most significant role in influencing engagement among workers who report to them
  • 75% of staff leave because of their bad relationship with their superiors

Source: Gallup, Inc’s State of the Global Workplace

Staff turnover is costing on average 150% of annual wages. That is more than $20,000 for every single staff member you have! 

These are startling statistics but we have the solution.

Do you know what work-related injury is really costing your business?

  • Medibank reports that unhealthy workers are taking 9 times more sick days than healthy workers and healthy workers are 3 times more productive
  • Safe Work Australia reports that stress is the fastest growing work-related injury costing in excess of $10billion P.A.

You don’t see these problems in professional sporting codes, clubs and teams, yet they exist in the corporate world. It became clear to us to emulate the sporting world by translating sporting principles into corporate and business language.

In a professional sports club it’s all about:

  • Winning games
  • Winning as a team
  • Winning the competition

Nothing relies more on team success than a sports team.

Your organisation can achieve success in the same way, utilising the same sporting principles and Corporate Sports Club™ can show you how.

The more success a sporting club achieves, the greater the fan base, income, trophies and money to buy new players, improved training systems and stadium facilities. When you relate this to business, the greater the success of your organisation, the more interest from customers and shareholders equating to a greater business value. You will also attract the best coaches (managers) and players (staff), making your organisation, an Employer of Choice.

Nothing works better together than a sports team. They:

  • Win and lose as a team
  • Help and support each other
  • Have one common goal – TO WIN

Sport brings people and nations together. Think about World Cups, the Olympic Games and the Commonwealth Games. Think about the unification Nelson Mandela brought to his fractured nation by way of rugby. Sport can also bring your workforce together.

Bringing sport into your business makes it fun for your staff and happy staff are motivated to perform. Most people can relate to team sport. They have either:

  • Played in a sporting team
  • Are still playing in a sporting team
  • Watched it live
  • Watched it on television
  • Followed a team as fan or supporter

The structure and workings of a sporting club or team are ideally suited to the way a successful organisation can be run. It’s a matter of changing your game plan.

Sporting Structure   Business Structure
Board and Senior Executives


Board and Senior Executives





How many of your staff do you think are logging into their social media account or checking personal emails? Probably 76% of them and probably more than once a day. How often do you see a cricketer in the outfield using their smart phone to take a quick pic for their social media account? It never happens. What about a match starting late because the coach hasn’t turned up on time? Again, it never happens.

Implementing proven and tested sporting club and team principles into your business can:

  • Increase productivity
  • Improve bottom line
  • Generate workforce engagement through fun, team focused philosophies where staff have a greater understanding of other team members and their own roles and responsibilities
  • Create a culture that is more results-focused (scoreboard and ladder) and team driven
  • Develop managers who are results-focused, accountable and engaged
  • Give you the opportunity to become an Employer of Choice within your industry to attract and retain the best staff
  • Assist you to gain a greater understanding of customer and supplier perception of your business which will lead to greater opportunities for more business with customers and a better relationship with suppliers
  • Strengthen workplace structure
  • Produce cost-effective and efficient injury management programs
  • Create a stronger Board with greater overall involvement.

A great coach

sees your strengths and builds on them, moving you into positions to ensure both you and the team are highly successful.

Nothing makes a person feel better about work than having the ability to be highly successful.